How I use tumblr…and I wish I could pay them.

Tumblr powers my online existence. My blog is now over 3 years old with 1998 posts and 11,166 followers. I also have a static site with info about my education, my press, etc..

I connect my Facebook and Twitter to my tumblr. I have no time for them and very little interest in what Facebook has become. I log in to Facebook maybe once every 3 weeks. Twitter is too unvisual and text heavy for my liking. 

Every client I work with via The Future Well gets a password-protected tumblr where Grant and I post links. For example, our private Sanofi tumblr now has 341 posts of links we feel are relevant to the project we’re working on and random thoughts Grant and I have throughout our days. 

My family now has a site that 5 of my family members are now posting to from all over the world…we’re pretty scattered. We needed a place all to our own to post photos and tell our family stories.

I have about 8 tumblr’s to simply gather ideas around certain topics like Public Health 2.0 and Aging in America…things I want to log but don’t necessarily want to be part of my blog.

I’m teaching a course in 2012 at the School of Visual Arts here in NYC (to be announced but it’s extremely exciting!) and posting links and thoughts around that subject matter. This tumblr will be used as required reading for my class.

Last week, I started a tumblr called Wild Food! to show people what food looks like on the farm, since most people have no idea what food used to look like prior to the grocery market.

And today, I just started a tumblr to organize online recipes I want to cook. 

For some reason, I get all of this for free. David and the team…you deserve to be paid by people like me. Hopefully this will come soon.