Jellyfish Jim (by Jay Parkinson)

For all of you medical students out there, major in something other than science. It’s your one chance to officially study something for the rest of your life that doesn’t have anything to do with science or medicine.

I have very few regrets in my life. But one of them is my undergraduate major. I went to Washington University in St. Louis and majored in Biology, thinking that would help me get in to medical school. It probably didn’t. And then I was stuck with a degree in Biology. I wish I would have studied something that used the artistic side of me, rather than the concrete. I was lucky enough to minor in English Lit…

By the way, visiting the Boston Aquarium this weekend reminded me of the old Biology days. I threw this video together after spending about 15 minutes mesmerized watching this little “Times Square in a fish tank.” That iPhone camera continues to blow me away.

music by Jim O’Rourke, Prelude To 110 Or 220 / Women Of The World