External link to BREAKING: Judge rules entire health care reform law is unconstitutional

BREAKING: Judge rules entire health care reform law is unconstitutional

For a really good description of what’s legally going on here, read this New Republic piece. It’s long, but you’ll at least be educated on the legal implications and historical precendent of the constitutionality of the individual mandate. The key issue here is the meaning of a single word: “activity.” In this reading, all of the past rulings on the Commerce Clause, even those acknowledging … Continue reading BREAKING: Judge rules entire health care reform law is unconstitutional

One third of all vegetables consumed in the United States come from just three sources: french fries, potato chips, and iceberg lettuce… People think that cost is a barrier to eating fresh fruits and vegetables. However, from a study done in 1999 by the USDA: “They recorded the cost of more than fifty commonly consumed fruits and vegetables, accounted for waste, and figured out the … Continue reading

photojojo: What’s the ISO of an eye? It ranges between 25 and 60,000. The Difference Between Your Eyes and a Camera  Absolute versus subjective measuring of light: Simply speaking, the human eye is asubjective device. This means that your eyes work in harmony with your brain to create the images you perceive: Your eyes are adjusting the focus (by bending the light through the lens … Continue reading

“The milk supply had been falling for the past eight months, in part because the number of dairy cows had dropped by more than 100,000, just within the past year. This sharp acceleration in the long-term trend, it seemed, was a result of the war in Iraq. Higher fuel costs meant higher feed costs, and that was just enough to put even more dairy farms … Continue reading

External link to The Female Student Psych Crisis

The Female Student Psych Crisis

markcoatney: The latest Daily Beast dispatch, from my lovely&talented wife This reminds me of the studies looking at happiness prior to women entering the corporate workforce in the 70’s and now. They suggest women were happier prior. They make the argument that with more responsibility, comes more stress. Unfortunately, on the whole, men haven’t really picked up the slack when it comes to child rearing … Continue reading The Female Student Psych Crisis