From my post over at The Future Well:

Public Health 2.0: It won’t come from Public Health 1.0:

Google is working on a much, much more important initiative that, if successful, could be one of the greatest contributions to public health the world has ever seen– data-driven, crash-proof “brains on wheels“– self-driving cars that aware of the road, of other cars, and of passengers. Imagine a world where the highways are as safe as the skies (45,000 planes take off and land every day in America).

This is Public Health 2.0– data-driven, technology-enabled, real world solutions that take an active risky everyday behavior and turn it into a passive, nearly error-proof experience. Public Health innovation won’t come from your local woefully underfunded and understaffed public health department. Public health revolutions will come from tech companies that have almost zero connections to medical care.

photo by Nicolai Howalt