Blogging Seems To Have Peaked, Says Pew Report

Humans have had over 600,000 years of relatively simple living. When you think of all the mandatory things we actually do in our lives (drink water, eat, socialize, etc.), we can quickly see that we’re relatively simple beings.

Today’s darlings of the internet have created solutions for problems the internet created. Beyond the revolution in access to data (google owns this) and a new medium for communication (facebook owns this), the internet has created microsolutions for nice-to-haves.

And I think this report shows that the vast majority of people aren’t looking for a self-publishing solution because the the vast majority of people aren’t self-publishers. It’s simple human nature– not everyone feels the need to tell the world about themselves.

What does this mean for the internet going forward? I think the internet has solved the vast majority of problems our archaic, relatively simple brains inherently have. And now it’s about optimizing solutions for those currently engaged. Going forward, without taking major unforeseeable leaps, the internet for the foreseeable future is about creating nice-to-haves.

And that’s not a horrible thing. Just don’t expect another revolution out of today’s version of the internet.

Think about it…in the past 5 years, what app/platform has truly blown your mind?

However, there are portions of our lives that need to be revolutionized in terms of data and communication. And those are healthcare and education. I’d like to see a revolution in those areas, but, given my experience, the soon-to-be-retiring leaders of those fields don’t really want that to happen.