5 Public Health Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything: NPR

Breastfeeding Classes in Indonesia from Mercy Corps — $75

In Jakarta, Indonesia, one city where Mercy Corps works, breastfeeding rates are exceptionally low. Mercy Corps promotes breastfeeding there with neighborhood-level support groups, training programs and events that raise awareness about its advantages.

Cooking stoves from Oxfam — $25

A fuel-efficient stove distributed by Oxfam reduces smoke inhalation, deforestation, and the time women spend gathering scarce firewood.

Deworming Tablets and Oral Rehydration Salts from UNICEF — $36 and $79.81

For those loved ones who will revel in treating acute intestinal worms and dehydration from diarrhea in the youngest, poorest kids, UNICEF offers bottles of deworming tablets and packages of 1,000 sachets of oral rehydration salts.

Community Health Book Gift Set from Hesperian, a non-profit publisher of health books — $50

A two-book set, which includes HIV, Heath and Your Community and Where There Is No Doctor, provides health workers with important information on HIV.

Bicycle or Motorbike for a community health worker from UNICEF — $86.25 or $2,697.31

In many countries, community health workers have to travel to remote areas where there is no public transport. A bicycles and motorcycle from UNICEF can help them over mountain passes and dirt roads.