The ever-popular comment on airline safety.

I flew back from Mexico today. I’m a trusting chap and didn’t really think twice about putting my iPad in my luggage I checked. You’d think with all the effort put into preventing something deadly put into checked luggage, they’d also prevent the opportunity to take something out of luggage.

It was stolen.

With all this talk about TSA groping, you’d think that your luggage would be one of the safest places in the world.  

But lesson learned. Your chain of command is as strong as your weakest link. And when the weakest link is a low paid baggage scanner/handler, well, no amount of airport theater can ever make me feel safe.

Luckily, I have MobileMe and remotely locked my stolen iPad and wiped the data.

If I ran the TSA, I’d spend more money on hiring the right staff rather than providing naked insecurity.