What’s interesting happening in healthcare today?

I’m often asked about new and interesting healthcare innovations happening here in the US. Honestly, it’s very hard for me to come up with any. Here are the few that I think are interesting from the traditional sickness focused medical world:

All of these companies listed above are reinventing the delivery of healthcare by focusing on the consumer experience and their satisfaction. Beyond that, I’m not a big believer that the traditional medical care space is truly innovating on much of anything. Try and come up with one difference in your experience as a patient between going to the doctor today vs. going to the doctor when you were a kid.

I believe that only a very, very small group of people want to track everyday health data. I don’t see a new blockbuster drug around the corner that will significantly improve lives. New devices and procedures are being invented but nothing that groundbreaking. Most importantly, the way we study medical improvements is broken and there aren’t any signs that this is improving.

However, I’m fascinated by this cultural movement we’re seeing toward health and social consciousness that will do more for health than pills and scalpels. I think more and more people are paying attention to what they eat, how much activity they get, and what kinds of neighborhoods to live in that will make them happy. Think about what didn’t exist 15 years ago in a significant way:

The point is, very few of these innovations that affect your everyday health and life are coming from traditional healthcare. It’s too bogged down in profiting off sickness, government regulations, bureaucracy, pilot projects, and expensive mandates to produce anything significant. If I were investing in health I wouldn’t invest in sickness care, I’d invest in consumer-obsessed companies that are doing something for consumers to eat better, be more active, or live a healthier life. The most significant innovation in the past two decades has been a cultural health consciousness that’s just getting started and it’s coming from regular consumer companies realizing there’s opportunity in brands that enable a healthier, happier life.