This makes me miss being a pediatrician. Kids just want to have fun and be kids, even when faced with a problem they can’t comprehend:

Five-year-old Aidan was diagnosed with leukemia on September 13, 2010 and had to start chemotherapy almost immediately, but instead of letting the hospital stays get him down he did what he always does for fun:draw monsters. You can tell from his mom’s blog that he’s a vivacious kid with a great sense of humor, and it’s awesome that he’s keeping a smile on his face in the face of such an adult problem.

To help pay his medical bills, his family has opened an Etsy shop where you can purchase some of his drawings, and the situation is really win-win-win: it gives Aidan something to do during his hospital stays, you get awesome artwork for your walls, and the money goes to his adorable family in their time of need.

via urlesque