Body Sensing Comes to Smartphones –

From the comments:

The best part of all this wonderful technology is that your body telemetry will be able to immediately and automatically notify your health plan of any heart rhythm or other physiological abnormalities it encounters, and your health plan will be able to automatically cancel your coverage and tweet you a coverage cancellation notification – all in real-time.

Also, the telemetry will notify your employer, who will calculate the added risk to its insurance pool in real-time, decide you’re not worth holding onto as an employee, and tweet you a termination notification – also in real-time. The nice thing is the system will automatically enroll you in COBRA and debit your credit card – also in real-time.

Naturally, all three credit bureaus will also receive a real-time notification, and your pending mortgage and credit card applications will be marked as high-risk… again, you’ll receive your rejection tweets within minutes of that first palpitation.

And obviously, all the dating websites you belong to will also be notified in real-time, and will downgrade your profile due to the potential future risk presented to potential matches.

Its a good thing health policy is also being developed in real-time to keep up with these fantastic innovations.

Body Sensing Comes to Smartphones –