Fantastic shopping trolley: A while ago Alex Bogusky gave me a copy of his book “the 9 inch diet” which was a nice simple way of thinking about the best make up of your food plate.  Eat little and compartmentalise the food groups – make sure there’s lots of veges and not much meat. Now,  take your dinner plate and supersize it and go back in time to … Continue reading

Simply put, if you’re attracted to ideas that have a good chance of being wrong, and if you’re motivated to prove them right, and if you have a little wiggle room in how you assemble the evidence, you’ll probably succeed in proving wrong theories right… John Ioannidis Continue reading

This makes me miss being a pediatrician. Kids just want to have fun and be kids, even when faced with a problem they can’t comprehend: Five-year-old Aidan was diagnosed with leukemia on September 13, 2010 and had to start chemotherapy almost immediately, but instead of letting the hospital stays get him down he did what he always does for fun:draw monsters. You can tell from his mom’s blog that … Continue reading

A real-time map view on almost all cities around the world that offer bike hire schemes. Currently in London, as of 37 seconds ago: 169 Bikes in use638 is the highest so far today4037 bikes currently available in docks  The future of the internet will be about matching up local supply and demand in real time. Zipcar is doing it for cars. Barclays is doing … Continue reading

I’m speaking today at The Aspen Institute’s conference in New York entitled: How do you measure success? I’m on a panel with Roger Martin, the dean of the Rotman School of Management in Toronto and Seth Goldman, the founder and CEO of Honest Tea. We’ll be discussing “Design for a sustainable world: Success measures and Process.” The discussion will be broadcast live on Bloomberg TV at 11:30 eastern time. … Continue reading