Three years ago today…

I launched my practice in Williamsburg, Brooklyn via this website. On that day I was offered a movie from a producer we all know, two book offers, and three reality shows. A few days later, I had a slot on The Colbert Report. It all essentially stemmed from one snarky Gawker post written by the lovely Emily Gould followed by boing boing, kottke, seth godin, and thousands of other blog posts. Of course, my friend Noah Kalina also played a role in taking my photograph for my website.

In the first month of my practice, I had over 7 million hits on I had my first patient on the second day I opened and, since my overhead was almost nothing, was immediately profitable while charging about $100 to $200 for a house call. Since starting my first practice, I’ve co-founded Hello Health, and, in February, co-founded my current company, The Future Well. I’ve spoken all over the US, Africa, Australia, Europe, and, soon in the Middle East. I even got an email saying “President Clinton would be delighted to have you participate." 

I am humbled by everyone who has taken their precious time out of their lives to pay attention to the issues I try to raise on my blog, in my speaking appearances, and in my professional career. 

Obviously, without you, without the internet, without a good idea, and without my need to do something unique with my life…my current life and voice wouldn’t exist. I am very fortunate.

Here’s to another three years of raising conversations and making good ideas happen.

Cheers and Thank you.