The new classes of expert professionals have been trained to focus on narrow, specialized knowledge independent of social ideas or conceptions of the common good. A doctor, lawyer, or engineer may become wealthy, but the real meaning of their work is that they sustain health, justice, good government, or safety. The flight from humanities has become a flight from conscience. It has created an elite class of experts who seldom look beyond their tasks and disciplines to put what they do in a wider, social context. And by absenting themselves from the moral and social questions raised by the humanities, they have opted to serve a corporate structure that has destroyed the culture around them.

 – Chris Hedges

(via brucehopperjrmd)

Bruce Hopper’s Hello Health practice is going strong down in Philadelphia, partly because he’s so conscious of the fact that the doctor patient relationship needs to be deinstitutionalized and brought back to the neighborhood. If you’re in Philly, I can’t recommend a better doctor.