So I just stepped out for a slice of pizza (vegetarian) at Vinnie’s around the corner from my apartment. They’re a bit famous due to their pizza and also for their trash can. 

I ordered a slice and sat down inside to eat it. There are seats on both sides of the shop. It just so happened that there were 6 skinny people with one slice each on one side and 6 overweight people on the other with two slices each. It was odd that the restaurant was split up like that, but not that odd when it comes to portion size and weight. It just made me think…what is it about skinny people’s brains that tell them to limit the quantity of food they eat? What happened in their lives that instilled in them this behavior? Is it something they were born with? Or did they have to rewire their understanding and relationship with food? How much did their friend ordering one slice have to do with their decision to order one slice? Nature, nurture, and in-the-moment social cues…

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