What have I been doing lately?

I just returned from a week in London. My new company, The Future Well, has been asked by UK’s National Health Service to create concepts around converting a 2.4 million square foot 150 year old Victorian hospital and campus that’s no longer medically needed into something the neighborhood can use that’s engaging and produces health. It will no longer be a hospital and we have total freedom to make this awesome. We spent the week getting to know the neighborhood on bikes, researching, and creating concepts. Here’s some ladies we talked to last week.

The second project I’m working on is with the Freelancers Union. I spent a month meeting with doctors and other health professionals to get their thoughts on a system they would like to see built that makes them professionally happy. This month, we’re meeting with Freelancers to get their thoughts on what they need in health and health insurance. If there’s anyone who can create a model for the future of healthcare in America, it’s a group of 43 million freelancers in America who are dedicated to long-term financial and health sustainability. I’m super excited about the profound possibilities.

I’m headed to Melbourne, Australia on Friday for a week to speak at a conference. I’ve never been, so I’m aching to see what that side of the globe offers. 

I couldn’t be happier with my life. I’m a lucky man…

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