NYC Cocaine is laced with anti-worm drug used in animals.

I just got an alert from the NYC Department of Health alerting doctors in the area to be on the lookout for life-threatening complications from cocaine laced with levamisole:

Levamisole is an antihelmintic (expels parasitic worms) medication widely used in veterinary medicine, and has been identified both locally and nationally as a common contaminant in cocaine, and possibly in heroin. In New York City, we estimate between 5% and 30% of all cocaine is contaminated with levamisole. 

Levamisole severely suppresses your immune system and can lead to life-threatening infections and may present with acute high fevers, painful sores (oral, anal), purpuric rash on face, ears, legs or thigh, and skin infections.

All I ask is that if you put drugs of unknown origin and no regulation into your body, ask yourself this:

If you found a pill on the sidewalk or in the sewer, would you put it into your body? Essentially, the illegal drug industry and their dealers aren’t known for sterile, sanitary, pure conditions. If you take drugs, you have no idea at all about what’s in them. Good luck out there people!