“He’s not like other doctors,” she had said, minutes earlier. “He has a conversation with you.” Except now the conversation was ending. Dr. Jack Segal, 89, was greeting the last patient he would ever greet. The last patient after 63 years of practice. The last patient of the thousands — the hundreds of thousands — he had seen.

“Dr. Segal! How are you? Have you retired?” “No,” said Segal, “I need to keep practicing until I get it right.” “You took care of my baby for me.” “Wonderful. How old is your baby now?” “He’s 58.” Segal laughed when he recounted this story. But, then, Segal laughs a lot. (via)

Imagine what that man has seen in 63 years of being a pediatrician– the lives he’s touched and the lives he’s saved. Your work is done Dr. Segal. You’re a hero.