“We are creating the Freelancers Insurance Company from the ground up. It is designed to meet the portability needs of independent workers…By building an insurance company that works, we can show policy makers how they can help build the next safety net…and by doing that, we are showing that we are a powerful political constituency…FIC is a new model that gives us control of our own future…we want to innovate and pioneer new ways to get the healthcare you need…this is the first step in building a new social safety net that will enable independent workers to maintain high quality and affordable health insurance without corporate sponsorship.”

Do you see why I’m extremely excited about working with the Freelancers Union?

This isn’t a union founded on a factory floor in 1889. This is a technology platform started in 1995 that currently connects 140,000 members to portable benefits. There are 43 million independent workers in America. We’ve got room to grow.

For the past month, I’ve been meeting with health professionals all over NYC to hear their stories, their ideas, and their desires to create a more meaningful professional life. 

For the next month, I’m meeting with freelancers to hear their stories, their ideas, and their desires for health insurance that truly meets their needs. If you would like to meet up in NYC, please email me.