Using Keynote to Create Wireframes Clients will Understand

In the past I have worked with UX professionals that have an incredible grasp on user experience, but they present their work in a highly technical manner that makes it difficult for clients to digest.  When we create wireframes for clients at New Ezra the three most important factors are to design beautifully polished UX, illustrate high level functional, and rapidly mock-up the wireframes so that we can move forward into execution.

Travis Isaacs put together a presentation that takes you through his workflow of wireframing in Keynote.  This presentation not only covers tips on how to use Keynote as a rapid and effective wireframing tool, but it also goes into specifics on how to effectively communicate to the client through wireframes.

If you’re interested in giving Keynote a try for wireframing make sure you check out Travis’ Keynote Wireframe Kit –

Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve been using Keynote for years to create mockups of everything I create and conceptualize. The entirety of Hello Health (the initial website, the app, the space) was mapped out all using Keynote. However, I’m not a trained UX designer, so I take the idea that’s 80% of the way there to the best UX designer I know so he’s not starting from scratch. We talk it through. He questions everything. And then he adds his magic. It works super well.