This new form of unionism is implementing traditional labor strategies of using the market power of large groups to help freelancers access better benefits, and it’s organizing this decentralized group into a constituency capable of powerful collective action,” she says. “Strength in numbers is strength in markets and strength in politics. The value of grouping hasn’t changed, but the way people are grouping themselves in today’s world—workforce and otherwise—is changing.

Sara Horowitz, founder of Freelancers Union | Harvard Magazine

I’m extremely proud and fortunate that, as part of my new firm, The Future Well, I’m working with Sara to help the Freelancers Union re-think health for their members as much as Sara has re-thought, and built, the union of the 21st Century.

The opportunities and ramifications of doing something truly innovative in terms of real healthcare (not sickcare) and health insurance for hundreds of thousands of independent workers here in NYC is staggering. What if what we create together can serve as the model for the future of healthcare delivery and payment in America? 

What if…

If you are a doctor or other healthcare professional in NYC interested in helping us think differently, please don’t hesitate to contact me.