Meet our new hire, the co-founder of Failcon.

Last Wednesday, I posted that we were hiring for a position to help me this summer with the project we’re working on at The Future Well with the Freelancers Union. I needed a highly qualified person on short notice– I wanted them to start four days after posting.

I received applications from about ten very highly qualified people. One of which was from Diane Loviglio. In her email to me, she outlined all the reasons why she thought she’d be amazing for the job. One of the things she mentioned truly struck me. She co-founded Failcon.

Failcon is the first conference EVER to ask successful founders, investors, designers, and developers “What’s gone wrong and how did you fix it?" 

Here’s the impressive list of speakers at Failcon2009. 

We always learn most from failure, rather than success. As a young, insightful entrepreneur, Diane was able to gather an impressive group of successful people to actually talk about their bouts of failure. That’s the kind of person I want on my team.