Why do I do what I do?

I did a residency in pediatrics and in preventive medicine. Ever since completing my second residency at Hopkins, I’ve wanted to connect with the 20 and 30-somethings and help make the concept of health and happiness relevant to a group of people who, for the most part, have health and don’t know what it’s like not to (but in fact, about 30% of us have a chronic illness like asthma, depression, and anxiety). Hence, my first practice, Hello Health, and now, The Future Well. As a preventive medicine doc, I do believe that the way you live your life when you’re young hugely impacts the quality of your life when you get older. I like to think that the best way to live is actively, consciously, and happily until the day you die. And I wish that for everyone. 

My goal for my career is to make “living happy and living well” relevant to my generation and younger. I want to make it exciting, entertaining, and just something you do. It’s probably the hardest topic to address and make cool. It’s not “bros icing bros” and it’s not seeing your favorite band with the person you love. 

It’s being conscious of how well you live now when you can make a difference for as long as you live.

I had health class in junior high. I see the horribly boring public service announcements. Health has always just been so unsexy and so uncool.

I want to make it cool. And, of course, it’s hard as hell. It’s like trying to solve a problem that doesn’t actually exist, even though it most certainly does.

I often post things on my blog because I think it’s interesting, or funny, or pretty, and sometimes just to start a conversation. I also sometimes post to see how people react to certain issues. Publishing helps me understand our culture’s attitudes. I find it fascinating to see the various responses around controversial issues. It’s a real life experiment with messaging and how people think and feel. When I’m designing services or engagements meant to combat obesity or depression, what is the proper message? 

I don’t know. It’s not this and it’s not this.

So what is it? Truly, nobody knows. I have a hunch, but the things I’m doing in health are unprecedented (stay tuned, we’re working on some fascinating things at the moment!). And proper messaging and designing is always about experimenting and iterating. But publishing helps me figure all of this out. I’m not claiming that I’m an expert on any of these issues. Nobody really is an expert, not even beloved doctors. There’s a counter argument to everything and there’s nothing that makes absolutely everyone happy (except maybe puppies). And in the medical world, what’s good for you today is often less recommended five years from now. My job is to know as many sides of the argument as possible.

Anyway, thank you for reading my words and paying attention. I very much appreciate it.