This is what it’s all about. Housecalls are a most excellent service to offer patients. This is a rose given to me this am after I treated a patient’s arthritic knees.

When I started my practice on September 24, 2007 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn I had no staff and no office. Just my iPhone, laptop, and housecalls. Almost three years later, Bruce Hopper, is leading the charge in Philadelphia to do something he believes in– have real relationships with his clients. And his practice is being run with Hello Health. Although I no longer practice medicine, I feel like I still “practice.” If I can create things that help doctors be better, more satisfied doctors and people be happier and healthier…and these things can scale and affect millions of people all over the nation, well, I’d have much more of an impact on health than seeing patients in an exam room for 40 years. It’s super nice to see that Hello Health is expanding and making people happy.