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CureTogether and PatientsLikeMe are cranking out some interesting data findings right now. Notice that antidepressants don’t play a significant role in curing depression. Antidepressants are the modern snake oil. One day we’ll all wake up and realize that reductionist medicine and funny little pills don’t solve life’s complex social, behavioral, and situational challenges. 

UPDATE: Thank you Newsweek for alerting me to this article I read earlier this year, The Depressing News About Antidepressants. Here’s my comment: 

I read that article and did some more research and basically concluded that these medications are suspect on the whole. It’s super interesting though…because medical research has become so focused on the minutiae (x drug is 1.34% better than y drug!! yay!!!), it takes a talented journalist to untangle the mess and give us a big picture view of the real issues at hand. It’s similar to Michael Pollan writing about all of the issues around the food industry. He was no food expert, but he became one through his research and synthesis. When things get complex, step back, hire a ridiculously smart consultant, and let them objectively understand and communicate the real issues. It does wonders.