Gen X Lead the Way to Health Care Change?

Over at the Hello Health blog, they link to a recent WSJ article about a survey analyzing differences in expectations for healthcare between the Olds and the Youngs. 

I think this is spot on. We’re going to be the “Clean Up Generation.” Our generation has a lot to fix due to the shortsightedness of generations prior. We’ve got the environment, the banks, and healthcare that’s quickly turning us into Greece. It’s looking like fundamental change won’t be coming from “Yes We Can” man. 

But it’s true. We as young people are left with a healthcare industry that doesn’t meet our needs. As Steve Jobs said:

I mean, when I started in this business, one of the big challenges was People Couldn’t Type, you know, and one day we realized that death would eventually take care of this.

Hat tip to Hello Health.

Gen X Lead the Way to Health Care Change?