It must be frustrating for those who want to the rule world … you work really hard to come up with rules that govern everything, and despite your brilliance, things don’t work like they should. So then you have to come up with even more rules, and when those don’t work either, you add more and more rules. And when those don’t work, you think long and hard about why all these rules failed, and then finally decide that the problem is … the free market that’s been imposed by our elected libertarian leaders. And the solution is even more clear: more rules. And every time things don’t work, you just add rules and rules and rules and rules. Why, in just the first two months of this year, federal regulators added 10,000 pages of new rules that will help us all live our lives (by fining us or sending us to jail if we don’t appreciate the guidance). If this sounds crazy to you, take some comfort in the fact that we’ve delegated rule-making authority to the brightest and sharpest minds in the country.

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This was written by someone in response to my post about the health insurers vs. the state of Massachusetts. See also Clay Shirky’s recent post and my response to it.