A convent is a world apart, unduplicable. But the Sisters of St. Joseph, a congregation in this Rochester suburb, animate many factors that studies say contribute to successful aging and a gentle death — none of which require this special setting. These include a large social network, intellectual stimulation, continued engagement in life and spiritual beliefs, as well as health care guided by the less-is-more principles of palliative and hospice care.

Months to Live – With Faith and Friends, Convent Offers Model for End of Life.

End of life is such a tough issue. But about 80% of our lifetime medical costs are spent in the last year of our lives. This works out nicely for hospitals and doctors because dying people are cash cows. But dying in a hospital surrounded by a horrible, foreign experience and beeping machines doesn’t make us more human. We need to think about what makes our experience in this world more fulfilling and more dignified.

Now go enjoy this beautiful weekend and don’t think about death!

Thank you big dreams.