I’m not too eloquent talking about these things…I was making payments, but I can’t anymore and I really have no idea what I’m going to do. It seems absurd they can charge this much. When I think about all this, it gets me so furious. I could die tomorrow because of other operations I need that I can’t afford.

Vic Chesnutt

Vic committed suicide and died on Christmas day in Athens, GA. Many close friends say it was a result of financial pressure from mounting medical bills (amongst other things of course).

I saw Vic perform once when he opened for Wilco. At the time, I unfortunately didn’t really understand the significance. But then I met friends in NYC who were his friends in Athens and they said there was something truly magical about Vic. And then this:

“in 1991 i moved to athens georgia in search of god, but what I discovered instead was vic chesnutt. hearing his music completely transformed the way i thought about writing songs, and i will forever be in his debt.”

jeff mangum, neutral milk hotel


“We have lost one of our great ones.”

Michael Stipe, Dec 25, 2009

I think the world lost something truly special on Christmas day. RIP Vic.