What is Flower?

Right now Flower is in flux, it’s early days and people are only beginning to outline the goals for Flower. What has been decided is that…

Flower will provide the mechanism that health care organizations use to transmit medical data between each other.

Flower will provide an interface that people will use to ensure that they have control over who has access (or has accessed) their medical data.

Flower will provide an easy-to-use and intuitive mechanism that will enable health care professionals to ask a patient for access to some or all of their data as well as a mechanism for people grant or deny that access.

Flower isn’t trying to provide a personal health or electronic medical record. What they are trying to do is sketch out how an emergency room physician at your hospital might reach out to your primary care physician to find out more about you, and how this can be done in such a way that you feel in control and your privacy is protected while at the same time ensuring that you get the best care possible. It is no small feat! If you look around for other products that are working to meet this need, you won’t find much. Flower looks to be the trailblazer, in fact, they may be the only people trying to address this very real need.

submitted by  Dr. Howard Luks, one of the most forward thinking doctors I’ve met.