So what’s going on? Well, we were browsing through some old newspaper stories about solar energy and were struck by the fact that what was being said about prices and projected improvements a quarter century ago sounded–literally–exactly like what you might read in today’s paper. Even down to the price per kilowatt hour. If anything, the average price of solar energy (as cited in the press) seems to gone up a bit in the last two decades.

Was Solar Energy Cheaper In The 1980s?  » INFRASTRUCTURIST

How depressing.

Rick posted this a while ago and it’s been bothering me ever since. Is this a lack of resources? Is the clean, renewable energy resource talk just that– only talk. Is this a problem of lack of capital because there are few business models for this kind of energy? Or is it fact that we’ve pumped tons and tons of resources into a technology that we’ve pretty much perfected and it’s really not going to improve much more no matter what we do? Anyway, like Rick says, it’s depressing.

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