Two big announcements!

  1. Peter redesigned my entire site. It’s much prettier because he’s a very talented designer. And don’t skip clicking on the “About Me” section…it’s fun!
  2. You can now submit posts you’d like to appear and discuss on my blog. For the past two years or so, I’ve been focused on exposing healthcare issues to readers. It was sort of bad karma that doesn’t really get anyone anywhere except maybe a better understanding of why healthcare in America sucks. Now I want to explore healthcare solutions. I want this blog to be about re-imagining healthcare. What would you want it to look like? What services would you want? What products would you want? What have you seen already that’s awesome? What are services in your area that are delivering healthcare really well? Who are the doctors that are delivering exceptional service? What are resources you want to share with others that you’ve found helpful? What are well designed services, products, or ads? You get the deal…tell me what’s awesome about wellness or healthcare today or the potential you can imagine and I’ll post it here.