Extending this successful program [Medicare] to those between 55 and 64, a plan I proposed in July, would be the largest expansion of Medicare in 44 years and would perhaps get us on the path to a single payer model

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y)

The proposal to extend medicare eligibility to 55 and increase medicaid in lieu of a public option really is a reasonable proposal. Some progressives are going to insist that anything that doesn’t include a robust public option is a betrayal—but in my view a medicare/medicaid expansion is significantly more progressive.

(via squashed)

It just doesn’t matter” who writes the check for laughably inefficient processes, a 3000 page “handout to the health insurance industry” bill that doesn’t do anything about controlling costs, and insurance premiums that are rising 10% every year so that in just a few more years only the wealthy will be able to afford today’s version of healthcare. The theater happening in Washington right now “just doesn’t matter.” It’s just entertainment! And, of course, gives the media something to do.