As you may know, every checkin on foursquare generates points and we display the top users on the leaderboard. Users from city to city compete using this “high score board for exploring your city” as a baseline.

About a month ago, we made some noise to trying to find a sponsor for our NYC leaderboard.  We had this idea that if we could turn points into dollars, we could probably find some way to turn those dollars over to local charities.

And here we are, a month later, announcing a leaderboard sponsorship with Pepsi to do just that!

This week (starting last night, thru Sunday Dec 3 @ 11:59p), every point added to the foursquare leaderboard will be lead to Pepsi donating $0.04 to CampInteractive, an organization that helps empower inner-city youth through technology skills and mentoring.

We are *super excited* about this, not just because this is a great way to tie foursquare points into something in the real world, but *just like that* we’re about to raise about $10,000 for a great organization (btw, we capped the donation at 10,000 points / $10,000 as things can tend to get out of hand with foursquare 🙂

A quick round of thanks to our leadererboard sponsor Pepsi and to Adam Gillman & Simon Kirk at Techies Give Back (these two made it all happen!)

Also of note:  Techies Give Back is holding an ice skating event this Sunday December 13 where every ticket sold allows a child to have a day out and another day of mentoring.  You can buy tickets here. We hope to see you there!

I’m super glad to know that Camp Interactive exists. This is the concept I was talking about yesterday. Nice work Dennis and Naveen. Super good idea.