Last night I was speaking with a man whose son just graduated from Stanford Law School. 30% of the graduates from last June do not have jobs yet. 30%. I mentioned this to Fred last night and he said “if they knew Java, they’d have a job”.

Gotham Gal (via fred-wilson)

Exactly. I have one good friend who isn’t formally educated but one of the smartest people I know. I keep telling her to teach herself how to program and she’d make a very comfortable living. When I was at Foocamp I gave a talk entitled “Where are all the minorities at Foocamp?” There were three people of color out of about 200 people. My basic argument was that we need to teach programming at a very young age in the inner city schools to let children know that they don’t have to be just users of the technology they love so much, but creators of technology they’d like to use and have the ability to make a very comfortable living. It still blows my mind how difficult it is to find high quality designers/programmers. I mean, I think the internet is going to be a big deal and quite possibly an area of growth.