The ID issue that never will be: I.D. MagazineMarch/April 2010Vol. 57, No. 2Design + Health On the CoverAssociate Professor, MIT-Harvard Division of Health Sciences and Technology; Director of the Biomechatronics Group Story by David SokolPhoto by Noah Kalina And this article, by me. RIP I.D. You were great. Continue reading

James D. Griffioen: Lost Neighborhoods of Detroit Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore…I look at them and see opportunity. People still live there because they either can’t get out or because they passionately love their cities. These are the places we should be investing in. They’re a clean slate and ripe for inexpensive experimentation in how people live together, how healthcare can be delivered, and how independent … Continue reading

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See! The FDA does serve a valuable purpose.

In addition to all of these reasons not to do cocaine, about 69 percent of the cocaine recently seized in the United States has been diluted with a de-worming drug (levamisole) for livestock that when consumed by people can cause agranulocytosis and neutropenia (fever, swollen glands, painful sores in the mouth and anus, a severely suppressed immune system). There have been a few cases, first … Continue reading See! The FDA does serve a valuable purpose.

jonathanmoore: The Decade in Design Alison Walker with GOOD magazine wrote an excellent piece covering everything design over the last decade.  ”What other industry got to weather the dot-com crash, a real estate bubble, and the death of print?” The design field redesigned itself during this decade, transforming from an industry that created better objects to one that created better experiences—and endeavored to deliver them to … Continue reading

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A Less Than Honest Policy

I fully support this policy. The concept of “free” healthcare has been one of the major reasons why the business model of healthcare is what it is– sick care that profits off volume. When people spend $5 on a doctor visit or a medication or a test, they have no skin in the game. People don’t value “free.” And when it’s free, they simply don’t … Continue reading A Less Than Honest Policy