The Hipster Bank

First we had the “Hipster Doctor,” Jay Parkinson’s Hello Health.  Now we have the “Hipster Bank”, enter Perk Street Financial.

My neighbor, 3o3 Grand, is hosting The PerkStreet Lounge for the next week and a half -it’s open to the public, and offers FREE coffee & WiFi from 12PM-8PM, Thursdays-Sundays until Nov 22nd.

They are all hosting  evening events, including this Friday’s PSFK Good Ideas Salon.      If you are in the neighborhood and are in need for a new bank you can swing in and sign up for a PerkStreet checking account – They’ll give you $25!!!    If keep it active for three straight months, you’ll get another $50!!  Otherwise you can swing by and just grab some free coffee and use their WiFi.

Perk offers no ATM fees or surcharges – so next time you roll up to a bar and its cash only – it wont be *that* big of a deal.  Looks like these ppl might be on to something…especially when most banks eff you in anyway possible.

Those businesses that simplify everything for the benefit of their customers will win. It’s the future.

The Hipster Bank