Let’s be honest. The goal isn’t to see whether I can pass this through the executive board of the Brookings Institution. I’m passing it through the United States Congress with people who represent constituents. I’m sure there are a lot of people sitting in the shade at the Aspen Institute — my brother being one of them — who will tell you what the ideal plan is. Great, fascinating. You have the art of the possible measured against the ideal.

Rahm Emanuel on healthcare reform (via langer) (via soupsoup)

Rahm…is it possible to create a system that fosters innovation vs. putting an unsustainable industry on life support for a few more years until only the upper class can afford it? Or is fostering innovation too ideal? Also, is protecting the insurance companies from antitrust regulations too ideal? Is mandating that I purchase a product from a private industry that’s laughably inefficient and twice as expensive as it should be too ideal?

Come on…that argument is justification that you failed to stand up to an all too powerful industry that bought your people’s votes.