As gorgeous as this phone, the Droid and the Palm Pre are, they can’t beat the virtually unlimited apps available for the iPhone. The iPhone App Store simply destroys anything else out there.

I agree.  I was seriously thinking of going for the Droid when I first started seeing the ads.  But on Friday I watched a bunch of Droid unboxing shows on blip.tv and read some online reviews and I just can’t see anything compelling enough to make me make the switch.

It’s not about the device, it’s about the sheer volume and types of problems the community of users solves for the other members of that community. Every other platform has a ton of catching up to do. Despite the fact that the iPhone is the sexiest, most focused device out there, I’m going to predict it’ll be next to impossible for another player to disrupt the iPhone for quite some time…on par with how long it’ll take for Microsoft to be disrupted in the PC division. This is Apple’s war to lose. And if they don’t start playing “open,” they’ll lose it quicker than expected.