The same forces decentralizing power and participation in media are sweeping business organizations. So we have social business models arising in the same way that we have social media models. I think you guys are pioneering in this area, David. You know, there is a health practice in Brooklyn called Hello Health where young doctors organize their practice around a Facebook platform–maybe it is Facebook itself. I think that’s the model of the future for many business organizations. It’s beyond flat. It’s networked. Changing big corporations to do that will be a huge task. AG Lafley, before he left as CEO of P&G, said his job of just opening the silos there was only 10% done after nearly 8 years. So moving from hierarchical to horizontal to networked is an immense task–but it has to be done to compete in the global economy. I’d guess that one out of 10 big companies will be able to make the switch. Maybe 1 in 20. You have to be in the culture of your consumers and clients and certainly with Gen Y, that’s how they live, that’s where they live. It’s not just the future, it’s like tomorrow.

Logic+Emotion: Bruce Nussbaum on Design, Disruption and Innovation

I agree Bruce! But for the record, we use Hello Health as our platform. We’ve surely taken inspiration from Facebook and Flickr and many others, but just brought what they do well to the socially networked delivery of healthcare.