Hello Health added more doctors today.

It’s a big day today. Hello Health added eight new doctors to our network. But most important of all? They are all over the country…so we’re no longer just a small practice in Williamsburg. This is the seed of a virtual, connected healthcare System rooted in today’s business and communication processes. And it’s just the beginning. There are many more doctors aching to sign up, but we’re rolling out slowly. We want this to be an awesome experience for our doctors and our patients.

Since August 11th, Hello Health has been a private practice with a brick and mortar presence in Williamsburg supported by our team of about 30 developers. They have been building the Hello Health platform for the past year and a half with the ultimate goal of enabling doctors all across America to use it to power their practice.

I like to think that today is the first day of a new, bottom-up, alternative healthcare system focused on improving the lives of the two main players in healthcare– the patients and the doctors. For doctors, they have freedom from the absurd complexity and headaches of the sprawling healthcare system they’ve been forced to work in. For patients, it gives them an accessible doctor who communicates the way we all do nowadays– all packaged up in a pleasant, streamlined, transparent experience.

It’s been super hard work with a ton of challenges but nothing short of what should be expected in a startup with a mission to revolutionize the healthcare experience for both doctors and patients.

Well done team.

And thank you for all of your support out there in the blogosphere and especially all the people in Williamsburg who embraced and supported Hello Health at 105 Berry Street. We obviously couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

Even more importantly, thank you to our awesome new doctors. They are all amazing people with a shared belief that healthcare can and will be better. Also, thank you to all the other primary care doctors, specialists, therapists, and many others who have contacted us asking to be a part of Hello Health. I’m looking forward to the day we’re all working together via Hello Health to simply make healthcare better.

Hello Health added more doctors today.