Introducing Altius Education



We are delighted to announce our most recent investment in Altius Education.

My partner Alex led our investment in the company. VentureBeat has the full story here.

We believe there are many innovative ideas in the education area. We now have two portfolio companies (8D World & Altius)  trying to make a positive change in learning. They are doing it in very different ways and for very different markets.

I am hopeful that you will see us make more investments in the the future of education.

It’s important and it’s a big opportunity.

A super talented entrepreneur going at a really big market.  Just how we like it.

Nice work Mo. These are the types of investments needed to make the world a better place. Like everyone has already said, TechCrunch50 this year…yawn. It’s nice to see a talented entrepreneur and a talented group of investors going after a “really big market” and one that desperately needs bottom-up disruption. Education is another big one that won’t change with all the bright ideas from the bureaucrats. There are some things we as citizens need to change as a grassroots movement. Wouldn’t it be nice if the government provided the platform and the tools to enable and empower citizens to connect, communicate, and solve problems at the local level? That’s the future once we get these olds out of the positions of power.