While the U.S. health care bureaucracy frets and fumbles over what to do, one Anchorage doctor says he has found a way to care for people in a more satisfying, yet cost-effective way. A newspaper advertisement for Dr. Daniel Steward’s office off Dimond Boulevard describes his “Ideal Medical Practice.”

It promises 30- to 60-minute doctor visits, and the ability to make your own appointments online and to communicate via e-mail with the doctor.

Innovative doctor: Anchorage Daily News | adn.com

Hooray Dan!  Another doc not waiting for anyone’s permission or an act of Congress to take matters in his own hands and do what is right for his patients.

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This is exactly what Hello Health will enable doctors all over the US to do very, very soon. And when we have a large, networked group of doctors treating happy patients, something magical will happen with the delivery of healthcare to a population of people. I can’t wait for that moment. And that’s just the beginning…