An alternative Healthcare System

We all know the age old rule that there is a minority of people who go against the norms of society and do something different because they simply see that there is a more satisfying way of doing things. Music, film, computers, etc– it all applies.

I think this will unfortunately be the future of healthcare in America. There are so many competing interests– doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, big pharma– that there will be an alternative healthcare system that will arise out of the current debacle. The government will eventually take over the Sickness Industry and, out of that, will arise a wellness industry that will simply do things differently for those 20% of people who want something different.

The other 80%? Well, I’m afraid it’ll be the government paying enormous amounts to do things badly and entertain the status quo for as long as corporate democracy allows.

The hope lies in what a whole new way of thinking and doing healthcare business can do for the 20% of people who simply want a better experience coupled with more value. And this 20% will cross socioeconomic bounds just like those who appreciate underground film and music…and even iPhones.

The politics in Washington is removing the concept of equity from the healthcare equation. All we can hope for is the opportunity to do things right, and as best we can, in an alternative system with alternative goals and an alternative business model.

The penalty for not purchasing a $13,000 family plan in Massachusetts is only about $900. There will be a better way to spend the other $12,100. I can assure you of that.