Study: Surgeon Experience Doesn’t Impact Patient Deaths

Elliott Haut:

I think there probably are very specific cases where very experienced surgeons do make a difference. But when you look at it as a whole — thousands and thousands of patients treated by different kinds of surgeons — it’s the system that makes the difference.

I think this is true for almost all of the practice of medicine. There are good studies showing that the older the physician, the less they practice up-to-date medicine.

I would wager that for almost all of healthcare, it’s not about who delivers that care, it’s about the system and processes for delivering that care that truly matters.

Everything is a process…for those processes that are most efficient and most logical, those are the patients who will do best in the long run.

And that’s why the process of delivering healthcare in America needs an overhaul, not bickering about who pays for ridiculously inefficient processes.

Study: Surgeon Experience Doesn’t Impact Patient Deaths