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The author mentions the fact that Dr. Khozin’s office in Williamsburg (powered by Hello Health) gives away full courses of generic medications to his patients.

If you have something like strep throat or a UTI, you’ll often leave with the proper antibiotics at no charge.

Strange…Walgreens will charge you $30 for that Amoxicillin. We give it away. Why? Because there are hundreds of medications that literally cost pennies per pill. How do you think Target can charge $4 for a prescription? Because they’re still making a ton of profit. How do you think Walgreens, CVS, and other chains who don’t do this can charge $30 for the same prescription? Because they can and most people don’t know they should shop around for medications, tests, and physician services.

Dr. Khozin has a relationship with a company that specializes in pre-packaged medication. He purchases full courses of these medications for pennies a pill and, as part of the customer service he provides, simply gives them to his patients when he has the appropriate medication in stock.

When patients are the customers who actually pay him, rather than insurance companies, doctors can actually afford to provide good customer service and a better, more communicative experience.

Hello Health mentioned at SmartMoney.com