Why we need better options for health care



I talked to my mom this weekend, and as usual, she brought me up to date on the goings-on of my hometown. She’s the principal at the elementary school, and last weekend, one of her teachers received some bad news. Her daughter, who is 30, married and has 3 children, found out she has liver failure and needs a transplant to live. The problem? Her daughter doesn’t have health insurance.

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I fully agree…

But are we willing to bankrupt the middle and lower classes to allow the current business model of healthcare and inefficient and uncoordinated processes of healthcare delivery to persist?

Or are we, as citizens of humanity in the greatest country in the world, going to come together for the sake of one another, and demand a new process for delivering healthcare combined with a new business model that makes healthcare affordable for us all?

The current solution of “here are 50 million new customers…carry on” will bankrupt the middle class in less than 20 years.

We are America people. We can do this. It will be from the ground up, given the fiasco happening in DC. But I have full faith in the ridiculously driven intelligent and good people of our country who simply want something better for themselves and for their fellow humans.

Why we need better options for health care