The parole officer in the California kidnapping case.

The parole officer covering “Creepy Phil” totally blew it. Neighbors were complaining that children were living in the backyard in tents. He missed it. He reported to his superiors that all was well at the Garrido homestead…

Meanwhile, a young woman had been kidnapped and raped for 18 years and subsequently mothered two young children who were likely going to be held hostage the rest of their lives. Those three children are permanently scarred emotionally, physically, and sexually.

The parole officer missed it.

Imagine a similar situation where a child was irreparably harmed for life, but the person who harmed a little girl was an obstetrician who made an honest mistake during a difficult birth. There are ads all over the United States with lawyers hunting these doctors like vultures. An honest mistake, a child with cerebral palsy, and a $10 million dollar lawsuit later, this doctor’s reputation is forever damaged.

What will come of this parole officer? Did he have “malpractice” insurance just in case he missed an obvious clue that 3 children were being held hostage for 18 years that led to three permanently emotionally damaged children?

The obvious answer is no. He will likely be fired and he’ll go and get another job probably in the same line of work and pay absolutely nothing for making such a devastating mistake.

A child’s life = A child’s life. Right?

Doctor making a mistake does not equal parole officer making a mistake.

Why the double standard? Both cases have similar outcomes…except in the case of the parole officer, three children were harmed.