He had this attitude and air about him that he was wrongfully charged.

Man executed on disproved forensics — chicagotribune.com

Stop the death penalty.

Just stop it.

It’s too powerful and too final for to be imposed by man.

Our president supports the death penalty.  The president before him loved it.  That we elected these men only proves our flaws.

The historians will declare that we were barbaric and primitive, and they will be right.

There are many deaths that we can’t stop, but we could have stopped Mr. Willingham’s death and we didn’t.  His blood is on all of our hands.

“He had this attitude and air about him that he was wrongfully charged.”

We treat you worse if you’re innocent than if you’re guilty.  We are sick.

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If one person is innocent and killed by our government, that is one person too many. In the wrong circumstances, that could easily be you. Could you imagine being that innocent person walking to your own death chamber knowing that you are innocent? Imagine what that would feel like.

Here’s a list of exonerated people who have been on death row. We aren’t goddamn neanderthals. Ten percent of Illinois’ death row inmates were set free due to evidence deemed admissible by new technologies. Does this mean that 10% of executed people are innocent? I’d say yes.

Being a human being is fallible. Death is not.

Just stop it.