If we could reimagine healthcare, what would it look like?

Lately I’ve realized that so much of my blog has become negative banter about how Washington and the industry has botched an opportunity for healthcare reform.

I admit…it’s easy to bitch. It’s difficult to do something about it. Therefore, I’ve decided to stop pointing out all things bad about healthcare and start writing positively about fixing healthcare from the ground up.

Instead of yapping about what’s wrong with healthcare I’m going to challenge myself, and all of the people interested enough to pay attention to my words, with one simple question:

What can we do, from the ground up, to improve access and the experience of healthcare?

If we could reimagine healthcare, what would it look like?

I’m the Chief Concept Officer of Hello Health. I’ve got an amazing team I work with and we have the resources to build a gamechanging online platform.

I’m doing my absolute best, working with our team, to build Hello Health and bring it to the rest of America. We’re laying the foundation for an alternative healthcare system. It already blows my mind. I can’t wait to release it to doctors and other health professionals all over the US to eliminate the middlemen, the fluff, the opacity, and the inefficiencies of healthcare…that’s a start.