“Wired put out a challenge to designers to redesign Craigslist. I quite enjoyed Khoi Vinh’s approach, which even manages to make Craiglist look a bit New York Times-ish (to nobody’s surprise of course).

One other lesson learned from Wired’s “challenge” is that no company in the world should ever hire Pentagram (or any other identity focused agency) to redesign a website that is geared towards providing services online. I feel sorry for the The Atlantic and hope Pentagram, an otherwise stellar agency, either grabs some real & innovative talent in the internet space or just refrains from doing interactive work, as it clearly has difficulty with usability and user experience design.”

I read this article this weekend.  Wired is such a terrific magazine.  Unfortunately it looks more like a pamphlet right now.  I worked with their publisher at Time Inc. and he is a very smart guy.  I hope he and his team can figure this out.  I would be very sad if Wired ends up a casualty of the recession. (mike hudack)

My favorite panel I saw at SXSW last year was called “Designing the Future of The New York Times.” The panel consisted of Khoi Vinh (head designer of and Tom Bodkin (head designer of The New York Times printed paper). It was essentially an almost uncomfortable and sometimes heated public clash of ideologies and generations coming from the same company in public view. Listen to it here.

Khoi has to be one of my favorite designers of all time. His blog, subtraction, is a gem.